Entrusted with Governing the ACM

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees establishes the policies by which the Arts Council of Midland (ACM) operates. In carrying out the task of setting policies, the board identifies needs and establishes priorities for the ACM, allocates financial and human resources among the priority areas, and evaluates annual performance.

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Executive Board


Gabe McClelland | City of Midland

Immediate Past President

Dee Kemp | Artist & Civic Volunteer

Vice President

Greg Smith | The Stubbeman Law Firm


Carol Kullman | Apache Corporation, Retired

President Elect

Tim Hair | Dunaway Associates

Board of trustees

Katie Akins | Midland ISD
Skip Baca | Retired, Civic Volunteer
EJ Baldridge | Civic Volunteer
Dan Corrales | Civic Volunteer
Keith Dial | Hotelier
Katie Grissam | KMID Big 2 News
Tim Hair | Dunaway Associates
Pam Inskeep | Sport Enviromental
Dee Kemp | Artist & Civic Volunteer
Megan McGee | Civic Volunteer
Jessica Rule | SHK Advertising
Karl Rundgren | Van Pearcy's Wealth Services Team
Mark Taylor | Fannin Terrace Baptist Church
Gary Saunders | Retired, City Employee
Greg Smith | The Stubbeman Law Firm
Trey Walker | Anthem Oil

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Executive Director

Danny Holeva 


Administrative Assistant

Alayne Paulson