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Richard Acosta, “West Texas Tree at Sunset” (2022)


We are proud to welcome Richard Acosta, Rebecca L. Dodge and Michael Richardson as featured artist for our second quarterly exhibit of 2023. Their work is on display from March 23 to May 7, 2023.


Richard Acosta

This West Texas photographer has traveled all around the Lone Star State capturing stunning images of the natural beauty of Texas and its night skies. Richard’s love and passion for the night sky landed him a feature story in the Washington Post’s collection of stories called “A Christmas gift: Stories of the quest for connection” under “Confession with the universe”- Dec. 2020. One of Richard’s West Texas Sunset photos was gifted to the President of the United States when he came through West Texas on a fundraising tour. 

Featured: Odessa American Reader’s Choice, Texas Photographic Society’s Listening to the Land Exhibit 2022, Ellen Noel Art Museum 2022, and Arts Council of Midland 2022.

If you are interested in seeing or purchasing his work, contact Richard at

Dodge, Rebecca, Marathon Basin, 2022.jpg

Rebecca Dodge, “Marathon Basin” (2022)

Rebecca Dodge (2022)

Rebecca L. Dodge

Rebecca is a geoscientist, retired from careers as a seismologist, and energy exploration geologist, and an academic, teaching geology and environmental science. Using satellite imagery in all her graduate studies and her work, she developed an eye for the beauty inherent in synoptic views of the Earth from space. 


Her artwork has themes relating to ecosystems of Texas, the human footprint on Texas landscapes, and Texas borderlands. She is a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington (B.S. in Geology) and of the Colorado School of Mines (M.S. and Ph.D. in Geology). 


Interested In: She trains teachers and professors to use imagery in teaching and has developed specific lessons and activities for K-12 classrooms that use Texas as Art imagery.


If you are interested in seeing or purchasing pieces of Rebecca’s work, contact her at

Michael Richardson, “Tree” (2022)

Michael Richardson, “Big Blue” (2022)


Michael Richardson was born in Odessa, Texas. His most recent work is a combination of using multiple materials and processes to build sculptural narratives as a formal exploration of material and how form, elements, and color relate to one another. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Texas of the Permian Basin in 2005 and a Master of Fine Arts from Washington State University in 2007. He is now employed as an Associate Professor of Ceramics and Sculpture at Midland College.


Statement: “I have most recently been delving into making visual narratives to tell more specific stories about experiences I have connected with. Such as looping dreams, meditative and waking experiences to create somewhat of a visual koan of my world view.  

If you are interested in seeing or purchasing his work, contact Mike at


Exhibits are open to the public Monday through Friday during operating hours, and on Saturday and Sunday by appointment only. To learn more, please contact the Arts Council of Midland at (432) 687-1149 or

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