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In 2022, we were proud to welcome Andrew Lawson as the featured artist for our first quarterly exhibit of 2022. His work is on display from December 4 2021 to January 31, 2022.

If you are interested in seeing or purchasing pieces by this artist, please visit to view more of his work.

Exhibits are open to the public Monday through Friday during operating hours, and on Saturdays and Sundays by appointment only. To learn more, please contact the Arts Council of Midland at (432) 687-1149 or

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Words from Andrew Lawson

My work illustrates the mediation of the relationship between humans and technology in our theorized post-humanist existence. As material products become a second-rate commodity, the product of information, or disinformation becomes the most valued resource. I like to show the dichotomy between nostalgic ideas and objects of our past, with newer trends associated with our dependence upon technology and the future trajectory of our existence. I hope my work engages any regular person walking by and creates questions within the viewer about their own role in our late capitalist society.


Andrew Lawson is 2-D artist primarily working in printmaking, drawing and painting. Andrew resides in Midland, Texas and his work has been exhibition nationally and internationally with numerous awards. 


Solo Exhibitions

2021 – A Present Dystopia,  John F. Lott Gallery, Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts, Lubbock, Texas

2021 – Illustrating Capitalism, Black Hen Gallery, Midland, Texas

2017 – Untitled Solo Exhibition, Starr Gallery, Houston, Texas

2017 – Untitled Solo Exhibition, Kamiposi Gallery, Midland, Texas