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We are proud to welcome Cody Rex Chamberlain from Utah as the featured artist for our last quarterly exhibit of 2022. His work is on display from October 6 to November 28, 2022.

About Cody:

Cody Rex Chamberlain spent his childhood roaming the high West Desert of Utah. He worked for the USDA Forest Service while earning his BFA in Art & Visual Communications from Utah Valley University, and subsequently while pursuing post-graduate studies in Anthropology and Archeology at the University of Utah. He has been a force in the art community in Utah for over a decade. He is a participant and contributor to the top ranked art annual competitions of Utah for many years running though he has currently turned his focus toward select group and solo exhibitions that benefit the community and spotlight environmental issues.

His maintenance of an active online presence has earned him increasing recognition and commissions. It is among Chamberlain’s proudest accomplishments that his work has been the first original artwork some people have elected to purchase, and that his dedicated patrons have selected his work for their children to grow up with. 

He documents his adventures consistently, as they serve as the inspiration for his art. He enjoys sharing his experiences with others, taking artist on outings into natural and remote areas. His current focus is on expanding his adventures and artistic practice into unexplored territory and bringing art to everyone. 

If you are interested in seeing or purchasing pieces by this artist, please visit his website at to view more of his work.

Exhibits are open to the public Monday through Friday during operating hours, and on Saturdays and Sundays by appointment only. To learn more, please contact the Arts Council of Midland at (432) 687-1149 or


Words from cody


My art is a visual representation of an experience, a meld of past and present experiences. Though the desert is striking to the eye, I seek to transcend what can be seen and convey my emotional and intellectual response to it. In the stark and savage beauty of the desert I see the cycle of life and death exposed. I see a skull at the base of a thriving juniper, and the first bloom of a yucca under the specter of a withered pinion pine. The unapologetic exposure of the life cycle, laid bare, is part of what makes the adventure of exploring the desert so profound. I find solace in the acceptance of the natural processes we are all subject to. In my work, I aim to appeal to what unifies rather than divides us. The elemental cycle of life and death is a central theme in my art, and nothing connects us more than our mortality.


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