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David Mercado: Landscape in Flight

David Mercado is a self-taught artist who resides in Austin, Texas with over 25 years of experience. He has exhibited his work in galleries and exhibitions across the country.

In the beginning, his imagery focused on the beauty, strength, and movement of hummingbirds—a series that gained him national recognition by their popularity.

As his career progressed, however, an exciting new Landscape collection emerged which illustrated not only his range as an artist but showcased the evolution of depth and complexity within his work.

David works primarily in mixed media on wood and paper. Texas birds have been the focus of his latest works. David looks forward to a busy spring and summer with upcoming exhibitions throughout Texas.

Learn more about David Mercado here.



Danny Holeva, Executive Director

Arts Council of Midland

November 2023

The Art Collection of the Arts Council of Midland is an exciting and diverse assembly of artistic expressions, highlighting the creative talent within the local, regional, and national locals.


Comprising works gathered over the past decade, and that span two and three dimensions, the collection reflects a dynamic interplay of styles, themes, and techniques.


Local artists contribute pieces that capture the essence of the community, offering a unique perspective on Midland's cultural identity. Meanwhile, regional and national artists bring a broader range of influences, contributing to the collection's rich and varied narrative. This curated assortment not only celebrates the artists'; individual visions but also fosters a sense of unity and dialogue between different creative voices.

The Arts Council of Midland's art collection serves as a testament to the organization's commitment to promoting artistic diversity and fostering a thriving, inclusive arts community. We look forward to our second decade of collecting art for Midland and visitors beyond!

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